List of Services

​​Therapeutic Massage:This is the classic, age old technique used for pain relief, general relaxation, and stress relief most commonly known as "Swedish Massage". Therapeutic massage stimulates the circulatory system and lymphatic system while calming the nervous system. These effects are well documented and can provide long lasting restorative functions.

Sports Massage:
This is a deep tissue massage technique specifically intended to assist athletes in overcoming the pain and stiffness that often occurs after a particularly hard workout or event. This is not a soothing type of massage technique but is very effective in enhancing performance.

Strain Counterstrain:
If a client has chronic or acute trigger or tender points that do not respond to conventional techniques, this osteopathic method can relieve pain and diminish the reactivity of these areas quickly and relatively painlessly. It does require a skilled hand to perform it but the effects can be long lasting.

Myofascial Release:
This is a more recent adjunctive treatment that assists in soft tissue mobility and flexibility. It is used frequently as a less painful alternative to deep tissue work in the treatment of subacute and chronic soft tissue injuries such as whiplash, muscle strains and ligamentous injuries. It is generally done without any lubrication on the skin although can be done as part of an overall massage as well.

Craniosacral Therapy: This is a marvelous treatment for headaches and dizziness when no anatomical cause can be identified. This is a very effective, very gentle technique that is also quite calming to the central nervous system. It is also effective for those who have had strokes or head injuries.

Kinesio® Taping:
Using the original Kinesio-Tex® brands of tape, I am able to assist with muscle relaxation or facilitation, stabilize joints or assist with motion, and also provide lymphatic drainage. This tape has been seen on athletes in a variety of sports but is far more often used in the rehabilitation setting for relief of pain and improvement of function. Although it seems like magic, it works by utilizing your body's sensory system to enhance function.

Pre-Natal Massage: This is a gentle technique for the benefit of both mother and baby. Careful attention is given to positioning for comfort and safety for both the mother and child. This helps soothe the muscle and joint pain that occurs during pregnancy as well as assisting in circulation and relaxation.

Cancer Massage: This work is specific to those currently undergoing treatment and post treatment. I employ many of the above techniques in a way that is specific to aid in improving mobility, strength and function as well as minimizing discomfort following the often difficult residual effects from cancer as well as from chemotherapy and radiation treatments.