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Having spent over 27 years as a physical therapy Assistant, I developed a wide variety of skills and learned many techniques from many who are now considered innovators in the field. I spent my career in the pursuit of improving my skills to be of greater help and support to my patients. As time went on and the industry changed, I became more disillusioned with Physical Therapy as a profession and began seeking out related fields where I could continue to utilize the skills I had already learned and develop new ones as well. 

It was serendipitous that I found Massage Therapy. I enrolled in the esteemed Desert Institute of the Healing Arts and graduated with honors. Immediately upon graduation, I began my new journey at the Center for Advanced Energy Therapeutics as an independent practitioner.

I now am able to provide for the needs of my clients unencumbered of insurance companies or the medical establishment. I love that I am able to work one on one with my clients to provide the ultimate in care that is tailored just for their needs. I am always excited to begin a new journey with each new client and see just how far we can go together.

To get a better sense of who I am and how I approach my work, take a look at the video or listen to the interview below.

About David B. Blum, LMT, CKTP

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