Got Tech Neck?
David B. Blum: LMT, CKTP,

Author, Teacher & Owner of Healthy Touch Massage Therapy

​Center for Advanced Energy Therapeutics

​Saturday September 30, 2017 
Time: 12:15 p.m.-1:15 p.m.

Is your neck and upper back screaming at you while using your computer or cell phone?

If you’re nodding yes (and your neck hurts while you’re doing it), come and see how you can
make your neck happy again.

Annual White Light Friday:  Gift Certificate Extravaganza

The day following Thanksgiving is a day of gratitude and giving back for all of the practitioners at The Center for Advanced Energy Therapeutics. It is our annual day of celebration which we fondly named White Light Friday

White Light Friday 
is a one day opportunity where clients may purchase gift certificates at a significant savings with an extended expiration date. We feel that this offers an easy economical way to gift your friends, family and even yourself with the Gift of Health.

 Friday, November 24th 2017

Hours:  2pm to 6pm

$15 savings on any $45 service
$20 savings on any $75 – $95 service
$25 savings on any $100 – $130 service
$30 savings on any $150 – $175 service
$35 savings on any $210 – $230 service
$40 savings on any $275 – $300 service

These prices apply to all practitioners. Contact the practitioner of your choice for details of specific services.

Savings are available for check or cash purchases only.

In order to offer these savings, we will not be accepting credit or debit cards for this event.
Packages are not included in the Gift Certificate Extravaganza opportunity.